Welcome Mailchimp Users!

So you’ve been using Mailchimp for a few years because you’re on a budget and, let’s face it, they’re one of the best around.  Their editor is really easy to use, and the free messages per month don’t hurt either!

But you logged in recently to send out a mailing and all of a sudden, you see this:


Acknowledge The Risk ??  What are we?  Secret agents going undercover to take down a growing nuclear threat?

Nope, we’re just regular folks trying to keep in touch with the people on our mailing list!

If you click the Learn why link, you’re taken to a page that has some pretty good information telling you what’s going on…if you’re an email administrator for a Fortune 500 Company.

But as we already established, you aren’t, so here’s a breakdown of what you need to know.


What is DMARC and why does this matter?

  • There is a new email standard called DMARC that is intended to help cut down on spam.  It’s taking the Internet by storm, currently.
  • DMARC works by checking that a system is ALLOWED to send mail for a specific domain.  It’s similar to your Mail Carrier wearing a uniform and driving a truck with the USPS logo all over it.  If someone in a hoody and torn khakis dropped off your bills, and then said they’ll take your money for you and pay the appropriate people, you might think twice about accepting the mail from him.
  • It really is a step in the right direction, as far as Internet spam goes.
  • Google (along with a lot of other “large” email providers) has recently adopted DMARC.
  • If you use your gmail address as the “From:” address in Mailchimp, a lot of servers will doubt that your message is truly from a Google account and either block it or call it spam.


What is the solution?

  • Register your own domain name.  (about $15/year)
  • Purchase a mail account on your shiny, new domain. (about $30/year)
  • Add some DNS records that define the DMARC rules for your domain.  (3 hours of intense reading, trial and error)
  • Authenticate your new email address with Mailchimp (10 minutes)
  • Check that email address all the time for replies


  • Signup for a @cleandmarc.com domain ($19.99/year)
  • Authenticate your @cleandmarc.com email address with Mailchimp (10 minutes)
  • Spend the money you just saved on a gift for your spouse
  • Spend the 3 hours you just saved writing up your next email newsletter

Quick Comparison






Time to Setup & Manage




per year



10 minutes



per year



3 hours



per year



3 hours

Still not sure?

Maybe you’ve decided that owning your own domain and managing your mail account is not too bad. We’d love to help you with that as well. Here’s a link to a domain name and email provider that we recommend. They have lower prices than most out there. Once you’ve purchased your domain and email account, send us an email and we’ll help you get your DMARC records configured properly.